Earth Bound Dreamers

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This is technically our 3rd album, most of which was recorded LIVE at our 2nd gig ever.


  1. Prohibition (Vocals; LIVE)
  2. Working Class Hero (Vocals; LIVE)
  3. Ask Yourself (Vocals; LIVE)
  4. Take The Pain Away (Instrumental; LIVE)
  5. Freedom (Vocals; LIVE)
  6. Where Will We Go (Vocals; LIVE)
  7. Gunslingers (Instrumental; LIVE)
  8. Battle The Storms (Vocals; STUDIO)
  9. When The Moon Strikes The Earth (Vocals; LIVE)

This was recorded in Grant’s garage and at a small tavern called “Red, White, and Brew” and was located in Redding, California. We have a lot of stories to tell about our experiences there. Hope you will enjoy this installment, and we look forward to sharing the updated, re-tracked, and re-mastered version that is on it’s way!!!


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