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FORMERLY known only to tens of people and a few Indian Casinos and Sports Bars of Northern California, Innerworkings changed their name to US. So to explain the process: In the early 2000’s, some (then later ALL) of the original members of “US” moved to Northern California and joined forces with Brad, and Dennis. The three (and sometimes 4 to 6) of  us (literally and figuratively) brainstormed names for days; Brad wanted to call the band “EBD” or “Earth Bound Dreamers” when GRANT GARRISON came up with the new name and logo, fonts, art and concepts for “INNERWORKINGS”. Then, later on, after the three of us had rehearsed about 20 of Brad’s original compositions, Heath “Tater” Johnson joined “INNERWORKINGS”. 

After Grant left the band, Dennis and Brad quit the group also, leaving Tater and the new drummer to add all new players to the lineup with a completely new sound and direction; All-the-while, still, using the logo and name without permission. Eventually THAT group imploded for various reasons (maybe lacking the original leadership and sound and format?), leaving the ORIGINAL members of INNERWORKINGS to pick back up where we left off! ….and after much deliberation and negotiation the original members of US and the original members of INNERWORKINGS rejoined forces and decided that “INNERWORKINGS” should be made one of our album titles and that the best name for the complete band should be, and is now “US” (the band). Dennis, Brad, and Grant still feel very strongly that they still have rights and ownership of “INNERWORKINGS” as a band and as a name.

GRANT GARRISON has gone so far as to reach out to other bands called “US”, scattered all over the globe, and they all were, not only, very supportive of our efforts, but also willing to participate and contribute on various levels. We thank you for your visit and hope you will enjoy our amazing musical journey. Brad’s already written amazing new material for the new album and even the song titles give me goosebumps.  I am hoping that everyone can come to a reasonable and positive consensus and work together and collaborate on something that I have ALWAYS felt was greater then any of us. (figuratively and literally)